Book direct by telephone to get our lowest rate and best service guarantee

12 reasons why you should always book directly with us:-

1  The best choice - When you book on directly with us,, you have access to the most available rooms, room types and prices, making us your best online source for the most choices. We will seldom, if ever, give our best rooms to the online third party travel market to sell.

2  What you buy is exactly what you'll get - on Priceline’s ( there is a clause that states what you buy may not in fact be what you get? Here is exactly what it says:

Depending upon which hotel reservation service you use, you may or may not be able to select your room type and number and type of beds. Room assignments are based on hotel availability and are at the hotel's discretion. We cannot guarantee a non-smoking room. If you have special requests (including, for example, preferences for smoking or nonsmoking rooms, a specific room, particular bedding, floor location, closeness to an elevator, connecting rooms, or pet accommodations), you must call the hotel and verify that special requests can be met after you have made your booking. Since has no control over which room a hotel will assign to you, cannot accommodate special requests in advance of your booking and cannot guarantee that special requests will be met."  

3  Many other travel sites charge a hidden booking fee, sometimes up to £10. So, why not avoid the hidden fees? Simply, make your reservations directly with us and you’ll never pay a booking fee.

4  Everything the way you want it. That's because the hotel will document your room preferences and have everything ready for your arrival

5  Pre-arrival assistance. To help you plan your stay, we'll send you a pre-arrival welcome email on request, inviting you to let us know of any special requirements you may have for your stay

6  Pre-stay, thorough care and aftercare – our commitment to and pride in our concierge, guest service and customer relationship management is absolute, and this begins as soon as you make a booking with us, and continues after your stay with an invitation for a return visit, and a guest survey so that you can tell us how we did.

7  Book direct with the hotel rather than on a 3rd party website. We always promote the very best rates direct and if you for any reason can get your room cheaper with a 3rd party we will match the rate!

8  You can contact the hotel easily and directly at any time. We are also always on hand with our huge reservoir of local knowledge to help you plan tours, attraction visits, outdoor activity and adventure.

9  A very understanding approach to cancellations or necessary booking amendments, especially those due to travel disruption.

10  Quality assurance from experts you can trust – Uplawmoor Hotel is independently quality assured by the national hotel grading agencies on a continuous, professional basis

11 Great customer service. The hotel is here to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

12  Real people looking after the whole process, from booking to afterstay. You have access to a real live person that is working for you on your behalf. Try even getting in touch with a third party mega booking site!!