Feel confident knowing that you will always get the best available rate, and our best service guarantee, by booking direct with us, at Uplawmoor Hotel.

When you next make a booking, we guarantee that you will always receive the best possible rates providing you book directly through the hotel website, or via the hotel reservation desk. This is our best rate guarantee to you. We cannot guarantee that you'll receive our best rate by booking via a third party on iine, such as Booking.com, Hotelbeds, Expedia or Late Rooms - and we are not responsible for the service you may receive from them, so can't guarantee our best service promise throughout your whole booking and stay with us. Nor can we guarantee that you'll get the room of your choice if you book via a third party.

Should you find a cheaper rate displayed anywhere on line available for the intended date/s of your stay, please contact us and we will guarantee to match or even beat that rate, on a like for like basis i.e. length of stay and other stay requirements and restrictions. One of our biggest business costs is paying commissions to travel agents and third parties, especially on line, and rest assured these costs do nothing to benefit your experience, or our service provision to you.

And best rate guarantees aren’t the only benefit of booking directly with us, far from it.

12 reasons why you should always book directly with us